June 19, 2010

Living by Candlelight

Yesterday afternoon, a burst of violent storms charged through the Chicagoland area. They didn't last long, but it managed to knock our power out almost instantly.

It wasn't bad, at first, because I sat at the window for quite some time watching the storm attack our home. I tend to become very anxious during this kind of weather, but at least it keeps me busy.

Like I said, though, the storm didn't last long. Within the hour, the sun was peeking through the clouds, and we were left with no power... and nothing to do.

The saving grace around here was the fact that we somehow still had an Internet connection, so we busted out our laptops and watched the batteries drain as we played on Facebook. But even that got boring after a while... and I, for one, didn't want to use all of my battery while there was still an evening of potential darkness ahead.

My brother and I decided to go out to dinner since it would give us something to do. I guess that's a pretty big bonus, since I don't recall my brother and I ever before going out to eat just the two of us.

When the power was still out upon our return at 8:00, I packed a bag and headed to a friend's house for the evening. Half way there, my brother called to tell me the power had returned.

Hallelujah! Let life resume!

Seriously, though... what did people do before electricity?


  1. They went to bed at a decent hour. They usually worked so hard all day that they were exhausted after dinner. Although I do recall people doing things by candlelight; sewing (because they didn't have to see they were so good at it), knitting, they TALKED to each other, the read the bible (I don't know how, but they did).

    As you can tell, those days are gone. Here are the days of facebook and entertainment galore. If we are constantly stimulated we are crabby. MOM

  2. Candlelight is not all bad. GL