July 28, 2010

Recent Events

I don't know how it happened, but I have gotten seriously behind on my blogging. I could blame the Great Chicago Flood of 2010 that was in my basement last week, or the fact that I've been waiting for the replacement for my third laptop charger... but the truth is, I've just been busy. I'm sorry. Are we still friends?

Here's a quick recap of recent events:

1. I did not get the job I was hoping for. The reason for this is somewhat out of my control. I am bummed. It would have been a great job... and I even liked the principal! Sad face.
2. Each day, I visit the website that posts all teaching openings in my state and spend much more time than I'd like filling out lengthy applications and writing/revising/rewriting/editing the essays that accompany said applications. And to all the districts out there that require applicants to submit 5-7 essays... Why are you wasting my time? We both know you're not going to read them. Is this simply a tactic to see who has enough stamina to endure your crazy application process?
3. I am feeling more and more discouraged as time passes, job postings are fewer, and the new school year approaches. I love to teach. I want a job!
4. I started filling out applications for 4th and 5th grade positions despite the fact that my heart is really aching to teach middle school. I have not yet resorted to applying for K-3 positions. I hope I don't have to. Is that bad?
5. I think it will break my heart a little if I have to go back to subbing.

I promise I have done more with my recent life than worry about a job. I'll save those things for another post, I guess.

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