July 2, 2010

Should I Be Offended?

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this:

This week, I received not one but two invitations to the GBN Class of 2000 Reunion.

The issue?

I didn't attend GBN. Ever.

I grew up in the district, so I'm in contact (thank you, Facebook) with several people from that time, but I moved after 7th grade. Yes... 7th grade.

So, imagine my surprise to receive an invitation to the high school reunion. I wondered two things:
  1. Was this a courtesy invite, extended because these girls thought I might actually want to attend and reunite with the friends of my past? OR
  2. Did I receive this invitation because these girls don't know (or forgot) that I didn't go to high school with them?

And if the latter is the case, should I be offended? Do they really think I would be that unmemorable?!

I mean, they obviously can't have any memories of me from high school. How do they account for that? Do they think that's because I suddenly became a big loser that couldn't hang in their social circles?

Either way, it made me laugh!

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