July 7, 2010

Staycation Part 1

Unlike many teachers, I don't pack my summer full of vacations here and there. Mostly, this is because I'm.... um... frugal, but also, I'm usually working. Last week, though, I enjoyed a wonderful staycation when my family from New Jersey came for a visit. I had been anticipating this trip for months, and I was certainly not disappointed! We had a great week together, and it took me a couple days to recuperate, which is always a good sign!

Our first day of activities included swimming in Uncle Carl's pool. I often joke that it is my full time job this summer to soak up the sun from his pool, so it was great to be able to share my "work" with the family! Aunt Linda and Uncle George were staying with Grandma, but they joined us for a beautiful day in Uncle Carl's backyard.

It was such a treat to have so much family togetherness... we usually only have that when someone gets married or dies. It was fun to see my mom hang out with her brother and sister (we missed you, Uncle Tom!) and reminisce about their childhoods.

The Pool Party
Aunt Linda (aka: Favorite) preferred lounging on the deck.
Skyler could easily be mistaken for a fish... this girl loves the water!
Ellen is one, hot mama... isn't that suit adorable?!
Gorgeous Shannon working on her tan... which takes her no time at all!
Shaun has grown so much... he's definitely not a kid anymore!

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