August 4, 2010

Daddy Must Be So Proud

Paris Hilton has one.

So does Pamela Anderson.

And let's not forget Kim Kardashian's.

It's pretty amazing to think that we have a society that rewards people with fame and fortune for exposing themselves (literally) on camera. Who needs talent to become a celebrity these days? Just spread your legs and smile pretty for the camera, right?

That's the plan for Montana Fishburne, daughter of the talented Lawrence Fishburne, who is tired of auditioning and trying to "make it" in the biz the old-fashioned way. Apparently, it's not even enough that she can sail on the coattails of daddy's success. She wants a one-way ticket to Hollywood, and her plan is to skyrocket her way to celebrity status by releasing her own sex tape... now there's a talent I'd want to be known for!

I'm amazed at the attention she's already gotten just from announcing her plan to the media. She's already on every celebrity website and has even been discussed on The View during hot topics. She may gain all the celebrity status she's ever wanted without even releasing the tape... hey, now there's a plan!

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