August 11, 2010

How Badly Do You Want It?

This morning, I was watching a rerun of The View about fertility issues. Why am I watching this, you ask? Because I still have no job lined up for the fall and therefore have nothing better to do with my time at 10:00 AM.

Anyway, on this episode, Giuliana and Bill Rancic joined the cast to discuss their pregnancy woes, which apparently are featured on their reality show (which I don't watch because I think she's extremely annoying). While discussing their trials and tribulations, Giuliana, age 35, admits that her doctor told her she needed to gain some weight because she wasn't ovulating regularly.

Sounds pretty reasonable, right? You say you want a child but your body isn't healthy enough to carry said child (hello... look at her photo, for crying out loud. She looks like a lollipop with her giant head and stick body), so you doc prescribes a weight gain of 5-10 lbs. Giuliana explained that she's "too insecure" to gain the weight because she won't fit into the clothes her stylist brings her on set every day.

I honestly wanted to jump through the television (and apparently back in time because it's a rerun) and bitch slap her for being so stupid. I'm sorry but if you refuse to gain 5-10 pounds (which Barbara joked she could gain in one meal) for the sake of conceiving a child, you don't deserve to be a parent! Where are your priorities? I don't care if you're a television star.

[Side Note: After a bit of online research, I learned that Giuliana did, in fact, follow her doctor's orders and gained 7 pounds but was immediately upset with him when she didn't get pregnant. She promptly went on a 2 week cleanse and lost her I-wanna-have-a-baby weight (which only makes me hate her even more) and is now looking to try IVF.]

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  1. UGH!! Obviously not ready to be a parent... you have to be selfless not selfish