September 23, 2010

It Wasn't My Fault

On my way home from work yesterday, I stopped at a red light about half a mile from my house. I was starving, and despite my healthy eating for the past couple months, I was really craving the taco on the seat next to me. I started tearing away at the wrapping when BANG! I was rear-ended.

I have no idea what the driver of the car was doing to slam into me while in a line of stopped vehicles. I didn't think to ask if she was on the phone or texting. I had only two concerns in the moments following the crash: the immediate pain in my neck from my head whipping forward and back, and the taco that had erupted all over both the car and me (the passenger in the other vehicle thought I vomited. Nice, huh?).

A little over 24 hours later, I am already extremely frustrated with insurance companies and the hassle of rectifying this situation. I find it incredibly irritating that I am stuck driving a car that is not 100% safe (per the man at the body shop today when I took it for photos and an estimate) because the bumper is hanging partly off (and therefore, not recommended for driving at "fast" speeds... whatever that means).

And the OCD in me is seriously grossed out by the fact that I can't go get my car detailed until I have approval from the insurance adjuster. Ewwww!

I am learning how painstaking of a process it is to have a car (or eve oneself) repaired after an accident. How, exactly, do insurance companies expect you to leave your car at a body shop for repairs without a rental to drive in the meantime? How am I supposed to get to work?

I'm hoping and praying this woman's insurance company agrees with my claim and the corresponding police report, and that they do the right thing and cover all of my expenses... as they should, since... it wasn't at fault!

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