October 19, 2010

Today Was Good

Today was a good day. Here's why:
  1. I woke up just before my alarm went off. As in one-minute early (pretty good internal clock, right?) This pleases me because I hate being startled awake.
  2. I got a free coffee at 7-11 this morning. Because they were out of the fat-free French vanilla cappuccino I was craving and I had to wait a whole two minutes. So nice, huh?
  3. I acquired a new, stainless steel Air Pot, which my mom was going to sell at a garage sale this weekend because I thought it was white (like the other one I opened)... which definitely doesn't match my kitchen. Never mind the fact that I don't even have my own house yet... the kitchen is planned in my mind, and it includes all stainless steel appliances. Anyway, when the time comes, I can now refill your mug with hot coffee in style! And for free! Be jealous!
  4. I hurt my knee at Zumba last night (this isn't the good part), so I decided to give myself tonight off from my "Anything Goes" class to rest so I can be ready for Zumba again tomorrow. This turned into a surprise blessing (a phrase stolen from my dear friend, Maria) because I didn't have a chiropractor appointment today either, meaning I didn't have anything I had to do after school today for the first time since my car accident. And. It. Felt. Awesome!
  5. I was treated to an after-school date with my Mama at a smoothie/shake place where I enjoyed a caramel apple shake, which was not only delicious but also healthy. Yes... you read that right. Each shake has 24 grams of protein and less than 6 grams of fat. I may have found my new favorite treat!
  6. I received an email from the Director of ELL in my district today asking if I would be willing to cover my current position for the remainder of the year since the teacher has decided not to return this year. This means I will be getting a salary again... and benefits... and that I don't have to worry about finding another job until next year! I cannot tell you the sense of relief I feel at this moment.

Hope your day was as good as mine! :)


  1. So glad you had such a good day and congrats on the job!!!

  2. I'm not sure why I'm just seeing this comment now, but thank you, my friend!