November 14, 2010

At Your Local Supermarket

This morning, I took a quick trip to the grocery store to buy the supplies I need for my upcoming  ELL activities.  I am super-excited to be able to help my students experience their very first Thanksgiving, something they know nothing about at this point.  Among other things, we will be making pilgrim hats, pine cone turkeys, garlands of gratitude, and of course, we will be finishing off our festivities with home-made (or... I guess they will be school-made) pumpkin pies and some cranberry sauce.  They are already very interested in the pumpkin pie because I told them about it back when we carved our Jack-o-Lanterns before Halloween.  They are skeptical that those "nasty" insides can be made into anything tasty, so I'm excited to prove them wrong. 

Being that I was shopping with my mom, who just spent 10 days in Africa where food was scarce and often lacking in nutrition, I was reminded of how lucky we are to live in a country where such a variety of food is readily available at all hours of the day (literally).  And on a cold day like today, I am especially grateful for the convenience of this one-stop shopping.  It really is incredible when you think of all the places from where those foods have been transported to get to your friendly, neighborhood grocer.  And to know that (for the most part) the food you're buying is safe for consumption because of quality-controls and government standards. 

So, as the aromas of my potato soup simmering on the stove wafted through the house, I took a moment to give thanks that I live in a country that provides me with the luxury of grocery story, fully stocked with all the foods I could ever need or want.  That I needn't worry where my next meal might come from, and that I have more than adequate access to proper nutrition for a healthy, strong body.

I can't wait to discuss with my students the things that they are grateful for this year.  I imagine they will come up with many things that I take for granted, and I look forward to them educating me on just how much we have to appreciate!

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