November 15, 2010

Jolted Awake

I can't figure out why, but I didn't hear my alarm this morning.  All indications tell me the alarm was set properly - but I never even stirred.  This is super weird for me because I'm normally an extremely light sleeper (back when I used to use my CD alarm clock, I used to wake up to the sound of the CD beginning to spin from across the room... even with my fan blowing). 

Anyway, let me just say how completely grateful I am for my internal clock, which sounded at 6:57 AM (My normal wake up time is 6:30 AM, and I'm always out the door by 6:45 AM).  My initial thought was that I had to be reading the clock wrong - that I forgot to reset my bedroom clock with last week's time change.  Nope!

Clearly, then, I was mistaken and today is Sunday.  Wrong again!

Shoot.  That only left one option: I was late!!!  Insert crazy adrenaline rush here! 

Now, let me start by saying how much I despise being late... for anything.  In grade school, if my family was late going to church, I'd beg my mom not to send me to Sunday school and let me sit in "big church" (aka: please stick a needle in my eyeball because even that would be more fun than this).  In high school and college, if I woke up late for school, I stayed home... because that clearly makes more sense, right?  I can't help it!  Being late just gives me so much anxiety. 

Well, this morning, I was extremely thankful for my nighttime routine!  My hair didn't need washing or even brushing (curly hair bonus: you never brush it after it dries).  Thank God my clothes were already picked out the night before.  Within 5 minutes, I was dressed, had brushed my teeth and was literally out the door...

Except then I had to wait for my car to defrost (because even a remote starter isn't that fast)!  Ugh!  Insert panic here!  I said a silent prayer that traffic wouldn't be too unbearable and that no cops would be looking for speeders... because I was going to need to transform myself into Speedy Gonzalez if I wanted to make it to school on time.

Once I could (barely) see out my windshield, I threw my car into drive and weaved my way through traffic.

God must have heard my prayers because I didn't see a single cop on the road (Thank you, Jesus!).  And because of my delay, I managed to avoid all of the traffic associated with the two high schools I pass on the way to work.  This also cut down on the amount of time waiting at red lights considerably. 

I cannot tell you the relief I felt when I pulled into the parking lot with time to spare.  What a way to start my day!

I'm just hoping tomorrow will not be a repeat performance!

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