November 1, 2010

Reason #9872348 Why I love My Dad

I know it's still Monday, but I have another thankful moment that I have to share because it makes me feel so full of love...

Today, once my frozen fingers finally thawed enough to use the computer at work, I emailed my dad to tell him about my frigid commute.

"If the heat still isn't working after school, bring the car to me at work," was his response.

Because I had a chiropractor appointment at 4:00, I informed him about my intention to bring the car in tomorrow after school.

"Or you can just bring the car here, and we can switch cars!" he offered.

That's my dad. Completely willing to drop everything he's doing to help his little girl. Despite his own hectic schedule, he didn't even think twice about offering to turn my problem (or really my sister's... she just doesn't know about it yet) into his own.

How did I get so lucky to get such an awesome dad?

Thanks, Daddy, for caring so much about keeping me warm! I love you!

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