November 2, 2010

Why I'm Voting

I'm not going to lie... I don't feel very thankful this very moment. I have some very disappointing news to share, but I will save that for another post. In this post, I want to be dedicated to giving thanks... even when it's hard. So...

Today, I am thankful for the women who lived before me and fought so hard to give me the right to vote. I am thankful to live in a country where I have the freedom to share my thoughts and to elect officials to speak on my behalf.

Even when the candidates don't seem the cream of the crop, I'm glad there are people who are dedicated to taking on these tasks that I would never care to. I'm still thankful that there are men and women who spend their days debating every law and fighting for what they believe... even if I disagree with them. I'm thankful that we have a government that doesn't simply impose things upon us but lets us have our say... even if it's limited.

I am thankful that there are candidates that do support the issues that matter to me. And even though our side may not be victorious in the end, it's good to know there are others who care about the same things that really shake me to the core.

And I'm very grateful to live in a country that allows us to disagree with the popular vote - to voice our discontent. I'm thankful for the free speech that allows us to question our leaders and inspire others to do the same.

So today... I am voting because too many people have fought uphill battles to give me this right. And I'm voting because even if my candidates don't win, I've had my say. I'm voting because I should share the responsibility of caring for our community and nation.

And... I'm voting to so I can retain the right to complain if there's something I dislike! :)

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  1. Good for you for realizing just how important it is to vote!! :)
    Also love the 30 days of thankfulness Erin!!