November 7, 2010

ZHB 2010

Today, I am extremely thankful for an extra hour of time.  Time to recover.  Despite my cold, I had an amazing time at the annual Zeller Halloween Bash, and I am so glad to have these extra 60 minutes for my body to rest and prepare for another week. 

My Snooki costume was a success, despite the lack of orange skin (I would've gotten a spray tan, but I was a little worried about how I'd look tomorrow at work).  Thank you to my student who allowed me to borrow her Bump It, which helped me successfully pull off the legendary poof.  Thank you to my sister who allowed me to transform her bangle bracelets into giant, hoop earrings for the evening.  They turned out immensely better than anything I could find in the store.

And, most of all, thank you to Elaine and Josh for being gracious hosts for another awesome party.  I haven't had so much fun in a long time... and I'm easily amused!  Time to catch up with friends, flippy cup, rock band.... it was a great night!  And I promise to post pictures once they surface on Facebook... however, you will see the edited version, for sure!  :)


  1. Love that you had a Halloween bash to attend AFTER halloween! Sounds fun and so nice to have an extra hour!! ;)

  2. My friends who host the party purposely make it for this weekend so we can use the extra hour of recovery because they are super-smart like that! If I were smart, I would wait to buy my costume until after Halloween when they're on sale... but I'm way too much of a planner! Ha!