December 1, 2010


It seems that every year, around the holidays, I hear more and more people complain about the gift-giving process and all that comes with it.  I understand that times are tough for many families these days (I lost my job too, remember?), that we should strive to keep consumerism and materialism from running our lives, and that contemporary celebrations often miss the true meaning of Christmas. 


As a person who really, really loves gifts, it makes my heart sad when people say they'd prefer to forgo them each year.  I know it can be a lot... especially if you have a large circle of loved ones, and everyone should set their limits, but isn't it worth it in the end? 

I always fear people will assume my preference for gift-giving is because I'm materialistic or selfish.  Today, though, I came across a great reminder that gift-giving (and receiving), for many people, is a love language.  And I am here to declare that it is mine! 

I get that warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I receive a gift.  It doesn't even have to be anything of monetary value... just something to show someone was thinking of me.  My mom said she could bake a dozen cookies, but if she put a couple "special ones" on a plate for me, I felt loved.  To me, a gift says you care... and that's why I like them!

In the same way, I get really excited about giving gifts.  I spend a lot of time searching for the perfect gifts for my loved ones; I always try to think of something My mom can attest to the fact that it's extremely hard for me to hold on to a gift.  I always want to tell the person early because I'm so excited to share my "love" (because that's really what I'm doing).

It's not just about getting and giving presents... it's about sharing love.

So, before you go around asking friends and family to stop the gift-giving tradition, consider, for a moment, that you might be denying someone their love language.  Instead, consider setting spending limits or drawing names if there are too many people for your budget.  But don't take away someone's ability to share their love!     


  1. Erin, you make a totally good point I hadn't thought of before. (I love receiving and giving gifts but I am not sure it's my "love" language.) And I have asked people NOT to get me gifts of asked to NOT exchange to do other things and never once thought about how that might be hard on someone who really enjoys gift giving and receiving. Thanks for pointing this out!

  2. Hmmm... How do you know Gifts is your Love Language? ;)

  3. Well, I happen to have the world's best bff who gave me the Love Language Quiz and convinced me my results were correct! :) Here's the link for anyone who might be interested: