January 17, 2011

Are my Wrinkles Showing?

So, I was at lunch with my mom and sister this weekend enjoying our typical Saturday lunch and shopping (Mom would love if I point out here that we're not always just spending money because sometimes we return things... and therefore, making money.). 

I tried to ignore it but after three or so references, I couldn't help but complain to my mom about the fact that our server keeps referring to me as "ma'am" despite my clearly young appearance (child-like really... I mean, there's not a wrinkle in sight, and all of my greys have been adequately covered with hair dye).

"He's just being polite," my mother assured me.

No more than five minutes later, he brought my sister a refill on her water and said, "Here you go, Miss."

My jaw dropped to my chest.  Had I just heard what I thought I heard?

"Excuse me," I asked, calling him back to our table, "I couldn't help but notice that you've been referring to me as a ma'am and my sister here as a miss."


"There are only two years between us," I assured him. (2 years and 8 months, but who's counting?)

More silence.  The panic on his face was apparent.  He knew he'd done it, but he just couldn't see that the obvious solution to this problem was to apologize profusely and make a show of calling me "Miss" for the remainder of our meal.

Instead... just silence.  (Typical man, huh?)

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  1. This was the funniest event in a long time. If you could have seen Erins face when he said miss! Her mouth DID drop to her chest. I'm LOL right now. OMG the funniest thing...next to the woad wules chawenge. Yes ma'am it was. Mama