January 12, 2011

My Commute Will Never Be the Same

Back in November, I wrote this post about my favorite morning radio show, Drex in the Morning.  As you know, I find great pleasure in all things trashy and inappropriate (Britney Spears, Jersey Shore, and as my mom calls them, The Real Housewives from Hell), and this show is no exception. 

My morning commute was always more enjoyable than the afternoon because I had all of this entertainment at the turn of a dial (okay... it's a preset, so I don't have to actually turn a dial, but you get the point here).  I love the "Wheel of Trash" segment on Fridays where listeners call in to share stories most of us would be embarrassed to admit to our closest friends and "Ask a Bitch" where Mel T and Angi Taylor would give you the honest answer to anything you've been pondering.

When school started last week and I resumed my morning routine, I was annoyed when I hit my preset to hear Top 40 songs blasting in my ear rather than my usual dose of morning smut.  (I don't know about you, but I simply cannot listen to music in the morning or else the songs are stuck in my head all day.) 

For more than a week, now, I've had this same frustration and promptly hit another preset and tuned in to my second choice morning show on The MIX -- the station I typically switch to during commercial breaks.  I kept meaning to look it up or ask around but would always forget once I walked into the building (I swear I'm too young to be losing my memory like that but it happens). 

Today, though, I remembered my quest, and I am more than displeased in what I've learned: Drex was canned... and Clear Channel isn't saying why, thought there's a lot of speculation that it's because the show has recently fallen to the #9 among their target demographic.

I'm so disappointed.  I now have only Eric & Kathy to keep me company each morning.  Boooo! 

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