February 23, 2011

Hilarity with Tom

So, after Zumba tonight, a few of us decided to dine at my favorite establishment: Chipotle (don't judge!).  Yes, I realize this was probably not the best option after an hour of working out, but I always get extra lettuce on my burrito bowl, so it's essentially a salad... right?

Anyway, on the way back to the park district to drop off Tom at his car, we started talking about the best excuses to get out of speeding tickets. 

"I'll just pretend I'm in labor," Tom said.

"Yeah!" I exclaimed, "Because surely every officer saw that one pregnant guy on Oprah.  It's totally possible now, you know!"

"Yeah, I saw that!  But wasn't he a woman first?" Tom asked with complete sincerity.

Commence laughter... nearly to the point of tears. 

Have I mentioned how much I love my Zumba friends?! 


  1. So not the correct exchange of words !

    you said "Yeah, did you see that Oprah? It can happen now."

    so my "but don't you have to be a woman first" was oh never mind lol

  2. Listen Tom, this is my blog. I tell the stories. If I chose to edit our conversation a little for the sake of laughter, just go with it. Also, please continue providing me comedic material for future posts. Thank you!

  3. P.S. Those pink words in the last line are the links to my other Zumba posts... in case you haven't read them yet! :)