February 21, 2011

I Want a Cupcake!!!

Hello.  My name is Erin, and I am a cupcake addict. 

This probably isn't news to anyone who knows me or has read my blog in the past.  I've been known to publicly declare my love for all things cupcake, especially my favorite one that come from Sweet Mandy B's scrumdiddlyumptious (Thank you Roald Dahl and The Big Friendly Giant for introducing us to the only word that could possibly describe this deliciousness) bakery. 

Being the cupcake connoisseur that I am, people often think of me when they come across these marvelous little treats. 

"Hey, Erin, did you know there's a new show coming out called Cupcake Wars on the Food Network?" a good-hearted friend once asked.  Of course, it was already set to record on my DVR.  BTW, I should totally be a guest judge on this show.  I know a good cupcake when I taste one!  People could trust my opinions.   

Within the last hour, my loving sister sent me a cupcake link, and now I can't stop thinking about them!  This is why advertising works, people.  It is the power of suggestion.  And the force is strong with this one! 

Why, oh, why can't sugar be a necessary nutritional component in one's diet?!?!  If God wanted me to eat vegetables, He should have made them taste like cupcakes!!

Luckily for my waistline, I am far too lazy smart to drive all the way downtown just for a cupcake.  And there's a nearly-entire healthy cake upstairs waiting to be eaten.

What's that you say?  You've never heard of a healthy (cup)cake?

Well, friends, just stick with me and I will share a secret that will change your life: add one can of diet pop (yes, I said pop.  I'm from Chicago... this is what we say.) to any boxed cake mix in place of oil and eggs, and it turns out just as yummy (if not better).  It's true!  Don't believe me?  Try it for yourself! 

Making a white or yellow cake?  Mix it with Diet Sprite or Diet 7-Up.  Prefer a spice cake?  Use a can of Diet Dr. Pepper.  Got a craving for a chocolate cake?  Add some Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi.  Or, maybe you want to get fancy and use a flavored pop instead.  People will be impressed.

And the best part: no one will know it's "healthy" but you.  It tastes the same!  And you can top it off with a sugar free frosting or even Cool Whip. 

It's really that easy, folks.  This is the kind of baking that even frat boys can do.  Give it a try!  You know you want a cupcake now!