February 3, 2011

Making Wishes Come True

When I was a little girl, Dad always kept the wishbone from our Thanksgiving turkey.  He'd set it on the window sill until it was completely dry, and then challenge us to the traditional wishing duel (where, of course, he would always be sure to give us the side that was sure to win).  I still remember the thrill of getting the bigger piece and knowing my wish would be granted.

Not long ago, my parents bought and cooked a turkey.  And even though all of us kids are grown (not to be mistaken with old, mind you) and haven't played the wishbone game in ages, guess what I found sitting on the window sill!

How cute is my dad?!  Gosh, I love that man!

These are the little things that make him so special.  Of course he always did the big things, but it's the sweet, little moments like this that I really appreciate about my childhood with my daddy.  He always did little things to show us we were special to him; we always knew were loved!

I look forward to the day when I have my own children so I can watch him carry on these traditions with them.  He's going to be a great grandpa (just not any time soon). Haha!

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