February 2, 2011

Snow Days Past and Present

I remember having snow days as a kid.  My sister and I would bundle up in multiple layers until we were sure to still sweat in the cold.  Then, we'd sled in our backyard with all the neighborhood kids (we had the best sledding hill in the neighborhood) or build tunnels and forts out front.

I never really gave much thought to how much work it was for my dad to shovel all that snow.  I also never considered how annoying it was when the plow truck would come around, pushing the snow right back on to our freshly cleared driveway.

On my two hour commute home from work yesterday (which would've easily been 3 had I not been smart enough to take back roads after 45 minutes of near stand-still on one main street), I decided I would help my dad and brother with any shoveling.  I knew there would be enough work because Snowmageddon 2011 was in full effect, and I thought it would be the perfect replacement for Zumba since the gym was closed.

I told myself it would be fun... and a great workout.  Well, I was half right.

A photo this morning of Lake Shore Drive.  Crazy!

Fast forward to this morning when I woke up to snow drifts as high as my shoulders in some places.  After two hours of shovels with three people and a snow blower, mind you), I can say that I truly appreciate how much work it is to shovel a driveway (and sidewalks and street in front of our house so the plow truck can't push it all back).

Great workout?  Yes. 

Fun?  Not so much.  In fact, not at all.

In my house hunting, I've had a hard time justifying HOA fees on top of my would-be mortgage.  All that money just so someone can shovel my driveway and cut my grass?  Let me just say that after a snow like this, I think it's worth every penny.  I'm definitely sold on the idea of a townhouse now.

The other thing I remember quite vividly from childhood is that whenever we came inside from playing in the snow, mom was there to reward us with a steaming cup of hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows.  It was the perfect way to warm our bodies from the cold.  No such luck today. 

Snow days were way more fun when I was a kid!

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