February 6, 2011

Zumba Party in WI!

On Friday evening, I took a little road trip to Racine with my friend Jessica and our fabulous Zumba instructor, Tom, for the Third Annual Razor Sharp Zumba Fitness Event.  It was an amazing evening of laughter and dance with a super fun group of people!

This was like a master class on steroids!  We were so lucky to have two Zumba Educational Specialists (the people that train the instructors), Kelly Bullard and Barb Klontz, seven (?) Jammers (the people who teach coreoghraphy to the instructors), and more than 40 instructors at this event.  In fact, because so many instructors were attending, they formed crews and led their dances together.  It was like a mini Zumba convention in Wisconsin, and I (along with 200 participants) got to be a part of it!

Just take a look below at some of the pictures I stole from Facebook (courtesy of Mike Sharafinski).  Doesn't everyone look like they're having a blast?!  This is why they tell you to, "Ditch the workout, Join the Party!"   

Beatriz & Norma, the organizers of the event

ZESes in the House!

The Blue Crew led by Tom (AKA Shakey)

Look at all those dancers!

Jump! Jump!

The 40 & Fabulous Crew brought their flair!

Shake it!

We even had a little strip dance from the Men's Crew!

The Yellow Crew was my favorite!

Kelly Bullard - I want to look like her!

Feel the Music, Barb!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I saw the pics on fb and it's kinda like a fun, sweaty fashion show too! How the heck does Kelly do that to her shirts! Love it though. Also, was trying to figure out her whole sports bra thing too! I ended up working until 7 on Friday. Missed you Saturday, but I probably wouldn't have come either after that. Heard your foot is bothering you. Hope it's gets better! Beth

  2. Isn't Kelly adorable?! Apparently, you're not a Zumba pro until you start cutting up your clothing. Everyone was doing it in WI. We should check out YouTube for tips so we can be cool too!

    My foot is much better today, thanks! Just needed some rest. I'll be ready to rock this week!