March 2, 2011

Best Party Game Ever!!!

Who doesn't love a good game night??  Getting together with friends, enjoying a couple adult beverages, listening (and sometimes dancing) to great music, and laughing until I cry... it's the perfect combination for a memorable night!

In the past month, I was introduced to my new favorite party game: Telestrations.  Basically, it's Pictionary meets Telephone, you know, like the game you used to play in kindergarten. 

Game Components
 Each player gets a mini dry-erase flip book, marker, and a word card.  In the first round, each player writes their secret word on the first page of the flip book and passes it to the next player.  In round two, each player gets one minute to draw the secret word in the new flipbook and passes it on again.  Round three is where it starts to get really fun because players must try to guess the secret word from the last player's drawing and pass the flipbook again.  In round four, each player sees only the last player's guess at the secret word and then tries to illustrate it again.  I'm sure you can see how the game gets more interesting as it progresses. 

How soccer turns into Swiss cheese!
The game continues until the flipbooks are back with the original owners, which isn't always easy to determine.  My favorite part was when I'd get my flipbook back and say to myself, "How on Earth???" when I saw the final guess at my secret word.

There is a point system to this game, but we didn't even care.  We had plenty of fun sharing the progression in each book and laughing hysterically at people's illustrations and guesses.  It's hilarious to see an ear of corn with eyeballs and a tongue as someone's depiction of a lizard, for example.   

And if your game nights happen with rather rambunctious  groups, as mine often do, you may choose to create your own secret words rather than using the playing cards.  In my experience, this is when people's true colors really start to show! 

Best picture of the night: "I will NOT draw this!" (Somehow, the word "midget" turned into "child porn??".  The poor guy who received that guess was meeting most of us for the first time that night  He's probably scarred for life, but we all got a great laugh out of it!)

I just ordered my own game today because we resorted to making our own paper flipbooks for our last game night because the one we borrowed previously was being used.  I plan to introduce it to my students next week during game time on my last day.  I can't wait to see their drawings!!

Seriously, if you're in the market for a new game, this is the one you want.  I promise that if your friends and family have a decent sense of humor, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love game nights and this sounds like an awesome game!!!!

  2. I need this!!! Eddie and i are homebodies and always getting game nights started!!!