March 1, 2011

Free Food at Chipotle!!

You may know by now that I am a huge Chipotle fan.  Yeah, I may have mentioned my devotion to this place once or twice... or even three times.  One might call it a slight obsession.

Hello.  My name is Erin, and I am addicted to Chipotle.

There!  I feel better already!

Anyway, if you share my love for all things burrito, you can imagine my excitement when I came across this link for "buy one burrito get one free" (or burrito bowl if you, like me, prefer to double the lettuce and pretend you're eating a nice, healthy salad). 

Yes, my dear readers, it's true!

All you have to do is watch the video, and then you'll get a pop up coupon to print.  You don't even have to "like" the page... I didn't!

Who's in for Chipotle this week???


  1. so if you have the coupon i dont need to get one yes? lol

  2. Tonight after class? This weekend? I'm always down for a burrito bowl!