March 22, 2011

How I Spent My Day Off

My long-term subbing job was over on the 11th, so I'm back to day-to-day subbing.  Truth be told, I hate it.  It's so hard not to have my own classroom or to know the kids I'm working with each day.  And even though I understand why they do it, I hate the boring lesson plans they leave me.  I read half a book a day, I swear!  B-O-R-I-N-G!

I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to work every day.  My current goal is to work three days per week so I can tell myself that I'm working most days... it's pathetic.  I know I will regret this once the paychecks start coming, but it's hard to remind myself of that when the phone rings at 5:00 AM!

With this being the week before spring break, there aren't many jobs to choose from.  The one opening for today was a definite "No!" for me, so I had "no choice" but to stay home.  Honestly, after my 2.5 hour Zumba workouts last night (I did two classes in a row), my body needed the extra sleep today.    

What I should have done on my day off:
  1. My taxes. It's almost crunch time.  I've never waited this long in my life.  This is called L-A-Z-Y! 
  2. Job applications.  This is a never-ending task, it seems.  It's daunting to spend so much time filling these out because we all know no one is reading all those annoying essays anyway. Ugh!
  3. Taking my car in for the emissions test.  I drive past this place (okay... the neighborhood, at least) almost daily, yet I never stop... despite the fact that there is a giant yellow reminder on my passenger seat.  I know it doesn't even take long.  I'm just being lazy again.  
  4. Apartment hunting.  I have a problem with my champagne taste on a beer budget.  Everything I like is out of our price range.  Story of my life.
What I did instead:
  1. Painted my nails using my new OPI Shatter polish my mommy got me for my birthday.  The results, by the way, are amazing, and this is coming from someone who sucks and painting her own nails.  One of my favorite things about this look is that it isn't supposed to be perfect... which is perfect for me! (In case you are wondering, I used a glittery silver base, and my result looks surprisingly similar to the picture on the right!)
  2. Had a protein shake date with Jessica at ProFusion Geneva.  I love this place.  It totally satisfies any ice cream craving I might be having, and it's totally healthy!  I tried a chocolate caramel cappuccino today, which was delicious!
  3. Met up with Tom for a bootylicious workout at the gym.  He is my personal Jillian Michaels, and it's sort of a love/hate relationship.  The picture on the right is pretty much an exact portrayal of what today's session was like.  Okay, so Tom never screamed at me or got in my face, but the pain on that poor contestant's face... that part was true.  Let's just say I between grimacing in pain and laughing hysterically at my pathetic self.  Thank God for Tom, though, because I would never push myself that hard.  My booty (and legs) will be sore tomorrow.  In fact, I'm feeling a bit stiff as I sit on the couch writing this, but I am afraid to move too much! 
I will not lie, it's much more fun to stay home from work when I have friends that are around during the day.  If I'm home alone, I'm usually bored by 12:00 and wishing I were at work.  I can't wait for spring break next week so I can play every day! 


  1. play aka tom kickin yo booty !! lol

  2. You're so cute! I'm serious, you should be a writer. Not sure how much they make, but have you ever considered this as a profession. Sometimes you need to just let your mind relax and do nothing, or paint your nails (i can't believe they turned out like that btw), on your days off! Breaks from the everyday stresses of life are much needed! Don't stress too much...I have a feeling you're WONDERFUL personality and sweet face will land you a job in no time! Beth

  3. Dear Tom Laffy, that is the most f'd up picture!! WTH?!

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    There is a restaurant in Kentucky called Patty's that has a room with a sign that says "Bathroom" but upon entering you find this Native American in a bathtub, I'm actually hiding behind the curtain in the pic but thank you for your concern :)

  5. Lol, I was mostly kidding Laffy. I clicked on it to view larger because you cannot really tell what it is from the thumbnail photo on here. I was surprised and confused. Now I’m cracking up! I also forgot to sign my name too, which makes it even funnier! Beth

  6. Beth you crazy !!1 You should ask Erin how her booty/thighs feel today :)

  7. hmm will there be another post about workout tonight? lol