March 31, 2011

Mid-Week Progress

It's Thursday, also known as the only day during Operation: Spring Break that a Zumba fitness class is not planned.  This is my day to let my muscles recuperate a bit before heading into the weekend stretch of craziness.  Since I know you're simply dying to know if I'm surviving the week, I thought this was a good time for an update.

Day 2 started off with a bicep and back routine at the fitness center before our road trip to Racine, Wisconsin.  Jessica, Tom, and I headed up for the first of what will be three trips to the cheese state this week.  Our beloved Norma was kind enough to let us tag along for her Super Duper Tuesday lineup of three Zumba classes in a row.  We've dubbed it the Triple Back experience, and it was a doozy!  I was impressed with myself that I had enough stamina to get through all three classes, but my poor muscles were so sore from Monday's bootylicious workout!  I was definitely relieved when the third class finished.

After all that working out, Normalicious treated us to delicious Italian dinner (we love our meatballs!) and them some pampering at her salon, J&N Ultra Tan.  Now, I've been to tanning salons in the past but never one like this!  Norma has really gone out of her way to make this a comfortable atmosphere... it's really like a lounge.  If you're in the Racine area, I highly recommend you stop by one of her locations for a tan, massage, mani/pedi, cappuccino, and some Zumbawear!  Yes... you can get all of that in one location!

We each had a tanning cocktail, which includes a few minutes in one of her beds and a Mystic tan.  This was my very first spray tan experience, and I have to say I'm in love with the instantaneous results.  My only complaint is that the barrier cream didn't keep my hands from turning orange, but I'm sure that's a user error more than anything!  :)  After a little more hanging out in the salon, we started the drive home, and I crawled into bed a little after 1:00 AM purely exhausted from our day of fun. 

Wednesday mornings start with a 30 minute toning class before Zumba fitness.  I had every intention of attending both classes, but I looked like an Oompa Loopma when I woke up and desperately needed to shower before leaving the house, so I ended up missing toning.  To be honest, I'm completely okay with this because I was still sore from the previous two days... especially by abs!

Last night was my usual Wednesday evening class, which is everyone's favorite because the crowd is awesome.  I will not lie... I had to pop some pain pills to help with the soreness before class, but it totally helped!  I was also super excited to bring my dear friend, Ashley, and her sister, Whitney, to their very first class.  Despite their concerns (mostly Whitney's) about looking uncoordinated, they both had a great time and left with smiles on their faces.  I tell ya, this is the great thing about Zumba... anyone can do it!

Today's agenda includes a long-overdue sushi lunch with a friend and then shopping for new Zumba shoes.  A girl that works out this much definitely deserves more than one pair of shoes, dontcha think?  Also, I have birthday coupons at DSW that need to be used... yay!

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