March 28, 2011

Operation: Spring Break

Spring break.  A time for relaxation and rejuvenation.  A much-needed break at the end of a long winter before heading into the final stretch of the school year.  I can think of a million things I'd love to be doing during my break...

Relaxing on a beach...

Sipping on tropical beverages...

De-stressing with a massage...

Treating myself to a mani/pedi
Sadly, none of these activities are part of my plans this year (but a girl can dream).    Maybe in my next life. 

Don't worry, though,  dear readers.  I will not be sitting at home on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  Oh, no.  I have big plans for this year's break!  I managed to sign myself up for 12 Zumba classes this week.. yes, you read that correctly!  12!  This includes three trips to Wisconsin, two master classes and two toning classes.  In addition to all that shaking, Tom has constructed his own schedule of torture weight training for the week, which includes daily workouts. 

Honestly, if I survive this week, I'm going to need a real vacation. (Anyone willing to sponsor said trip?)   

At the end of day 1, I have completed a 90 minute ab, butt, and leg workout with Tom and Jess (during which I think I was far less pathetic than last week... right, Tom?) and a 60 minute Zumba class.  I was careful not to push myself too hard today because I have another workout and three Zumba classes scheduled for tomorrow.  Last week's bootylicious session with Tom resulted in two days of agony upon sitting, rising, or even walking, so I was more conscious about listening to my body today.  My muscles are minimally sore at the moment, and although I expect them to feel worse tomorrow, I should be on track for Day 2.   

Also, I am officially declaring Sunday my Day of Rest.  Even God took a day off, right?  Smart man, that God!


  1. That massage I mentioned above? Yeah, it would really great right now... on my booty!

  2. You are crazy!!! I know I wouldn't survive your workout schedule lol

  3. SOOOOOO excited for Saturday Zumba!!