March 8, 2011

There's a Ghost In My Phone

Each year in November, my mobile provider (whom I am very pleased with, I must say) has a huge sale on phones.  Back in 2009, I was thrilled to take advantage of this sale and purchase a Motorola Crush for one penny.  I have a long history with Motorola phones, and I've never been disappointed in the past.  The number one feature I wanted was a QWERTY keyboard because texting was becoming more and more a part of my phone usage, and this phone had it.  Also, the cheapskate in me was thrilled to be able to continue using my current car and wall chargers (which also happen to work with my Motorola bluetooth headset... which I lost last week...UGH!). 

My love affair with this phone didn't last long.  In fact, I started joking that the phone was names the Crush because that's what I was about to do to it!  Within a couple months, I was completely fed up with the stupid touch-screen lock.  It's in place for good reason, but I miss so many calls because I can't get the darn thing to slide over and unlock in time.  If there's a speck of dust on that touch screen, forget about it! 

It was also around this time when I noticed that whenever I would try to type, random letters (not the ones I touched) would appear in the message, causing me to edit and revise literally every text I sent numerous times until it was finally correct.  At first, I thought it was my fat fingers hitting the wrong keys, but I soon realized that my phone would continue to type even if my fingers weren't moving.  Yes, I could put the phone on the table and watch the little ghost inside type away cryptic messages to his ghost friends. 

When I called my provider (nearly a year into my contract) about this issue, the customer service rep assured me that this was a software issue and told me I needed to send my phone in for repairs.  When I received the phone back, I was assured the ghost man was gone.  Clearly, though, they need a better exorcist because my ghost did not cross into the light.  He must have some unfinished business to take care of because he's still here... and now he's angry.   

Now, he seems less interested in sending texts.  He is, however, interested in hijacking my service and hiding the evidence.  He's a very sneaky ghost, never giving me any indication that the service has been blocked (all bars are clearly visible.  No error message is ever received.), but sometimes, when I go to make a call, I notice that the phone says, "calling" but never connects.  The only solution to this problem is to restart my phone, at which time I usually get a flood of voicemails and texts from all the people trying to reach me in the hours my phone has been without service. 

I have no solution for my new problem yet.  I just constantly call my voicemail just to see if the phone will connect; it's the only way I know to test for service.  But, let me tell you, this ghost is getting on my nerves!

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