March 10, 2011

Today, I am the Favorite!

In my family, we have a running joke about who is the favorite.  This is especially fun for me because I take great pride in this label.  I have declared myself the favorite child, sister, cousin, niece, grandchild... etc. and remind them of this whenever possible.  I honestly don't think I've signed a birthday greeting without using this adjective in years!    

My students also enjoy playing this game, and I take my mother's approach by always assuring each child that he or she is my absolute favorite (even if I negate that by winking at the next student).  It's so cute to watch their faces light up with pride when I tell them this, even when they know I am joking.  I understand exactly how they feel.  :)  

Much to my dismay, my father take the opposite approach: the dog is his favorite.  The only exception to this rule is on our birthdays.  Whenever I ask (and I ask often... trust me), "Daddy, am I your favorite?" he responds, "On March 10th!"  Believe me when I say that it is impossible to trip this man up.

Well, dear Daddy, today is the day! I AM YOUR FAVORITE!!! 

And I fully intend to keep your text message that says so... evidence for the remaining 364 days per year! 

In related news, I have the sweetest students in the whole world.  One of the major benefits of having such small classes is that I really get to bond with my students.  In many ways, they see me as a mother figure, and one has even taken to calling me her second mom.  This morning, they came in for breakfast with bouquets of flowers, chocolates and cards.  I never expected a thing.

And my wonderful friend Carolyn, the woman whose maternity leave I am covering until tomorrow, came to school this morning with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and balloons to surprise me.  This was definitely above and beyond since she should still be snuggled in bed with her baby.  How thoughtful is that?!         

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, this is the last year I intend to age.  My grandmother told me once that you can pick any age you like and stick with it.  As long as I've been around, she's been 105... and she looks damn good for her age, if I do say so.  Grandma is a wise woman, so I am taking her sage advice.

Also, I may or may not have eaten one of my funfetti (my favorite) birthday cupcakes for breakfast today.  And also for dinner last night.  I'll never tell.  (But if I did, I would also remind you that we make healthy cupcakes in our family, so it wouldn't really be shameful at all.) 

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  1. Hope you had a great birthday!! Mine is this week and I too, have no intention of aging haha