April 21, 2011

Bully for President?

I'm not saying he isn't a successful businessman.  I'm not even saying he couldn't help turn our economy around.  But I am saying that recent actions have made me weary of the possibility that Donald Trump may run for President of the United States of America.

Not because he's a reality star.  (Though, I do have concerns about the lack of respect this would cause our nation.)
Not because of his terrible hairstyle that he's so proud of.

Not because he looks like an oopma loompa.

But because he's a bully. 

Trump publicly questioned President Obama's citizenship on The View, a topic I thought was long ago addressed.  Since then, he has received quite a bit of backlash from people with brains in the public eye.  I'm not even worried about the fact that his obsession over the birth certificate is stupid.  What concerns me, is how Trump has responded to the backlash.

He wrote a nasty letters to several writers who have published less-than appealing articles about him, including Gail Collins of the New York Times and Julie Weiner of Vanity Fair.  Apparently, even if you don't publicly denounce him, you're still the enemy if you don't support him.  After Jerry Seinfeld backed out of an upcoming appearance over the birth certificate comments, The Donald wrote another letter criticizing his television show and charity work.  Low blow! 

I feel that it's very juvenile the way he responds to criticism.  It makes me wonder how he'd react in a political campaign when people are certainly going to disagree with him.  I just think that this man has surrounded himself with yes-men and has no tolerance for any opinion that isn't like his own.  I'm not sure that's a recipe for a great leader for this nation.

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  1. Eww I don't like Trump and I think his whole presidential talk is silly. I mean ... seriously....