April 5, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet

Spring Break 2011 is officially over, though I did not get any subbing jobs yesterday or today (no complaints here... at least not until pay day comes and I see my pathetic check.).  You will be pleased to know that I survived my Boot Camp.  (Insert musical celebration courtesy of Dora and friends singing, "We did it!  We did it!  We did it!  Hooray!" - Be thankful I couldn't find a decent copy of said melody to embed in this post.)  I should also mention that Tom made it clear last night that he is not finished with me... in fact, the party has just begun.  The training continues...

On Sunday, which you may recall was my day of relaxation, I was inspired by mom to clean out my closet.  And I'm not talking Eminem style (I will now be singing this song in my head for the remainder of this post... feel free to join me), I'm talking about a good spring cleaning.  It's incredible the amount of "stuff" that accumulates over the years.  Among my findings:
  • 1 prom dress- Periwinkle was fashionable.  Need I say more?
    Isn't that satisfying???
  • 4 dance costumes- Lots of spandex, flashy colors, feathers, and sequins.  The last time I saw these was my senior year at cheerleading camp- it may have had something to do with an initiation, but I'm not sure if it would be considered hazing nowadays (back then it was just hilarious) so we'll just pretend it never happened.  And no, I will not try them on for the blog! 
  • 7 pairs of dance shoes- Ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop...all in multiple colors and styles. 
  • 3 book lights- Popular Easter basket and stocking stuffers? 
  • Countless stuffed animals- I filled an entire garbage bag with only stuffed animals - And in the interest of full disclosure, they were all pigs... every last one of them.  Word to the wise: If you start a collection, it will take over your life because everyone you know will buy you more! 
  • 4 bags of clothes to donate- Making my life easier for my upcoming move.  My method was this: if the item had been sitting on a hanger long enough to accumulate dust, it was time to let it go!  Seriously, this happened... more times than I care to admit.  Ew! 

After purging and donating all necessary items, I was free to re-organize my clothes.  Yes, mother... again!  I've tried many systems over the years to find what suits me best.  I know a lot of people organize their clothes by color, but that just doesn't work for me.  I prefer to organize by type: jeans, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, skirts, pants, tanks, long-sleeved shirts, 3/4-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, "going out" tops, workout tops, workout bottoms, etc.  One of the things I really like about this method is how easily I can move a whole section to the back of my closet when it's out of season.  Also, I always hang the most recently worn items toward the front of its pile, so I have a visual cue of what I haven't worn in a while. 

Although this task took up the better portion of my day, the end result was totally worth the hard work.  My closet is immaculate.  The floors are bare, each item is neatly hung and places in it's proper location.  There is even "room for growth" should I need it.  I no longer need to steal hangers from my siblings each time I come upstairs with new laundry to hang.  In fact, I gave them some empty ones! 

I love the satisfaction I feel from my newly organized space.  Somehow, organizing my physical space gives me the relief of organizing my mind as well.  That's why I love it so much - and why I organize and re-organize all the time. 


  1. I hear that, I finally got rid of the clothes that were sitting in my dresser in the "maybe I'll wear these again drawer." Though I suppose when you mainly wear Zumbawear your other clothes get neglected.

  2. I feel like I am in a never ending closet cleanout mode. I always organize each section at diff times so it never looks immaculate. Since I am moving in a month i am hoping to trash and donate quite a bit!

  3. Tom, I had to clean out an entire drawer in my dresser for Zumbawear because that is the only pile that keeps growing... although most of it is usually in my laundry basket! :)