April 26, 2011

No More Applications, Please!

I heard back about my interview today.  The principal called to tell me they were going with another candidate but it was a tough decision because they were "very impressed" with me.  I had a feeling this would happen because I heard through my contacts that no one in the district was hiring anyone with a Master's degree.  The good news is that I would have to take a significant pay cut for that job... the bad news is that I'm back to filling out these stupid applications.

Tom and I didn't get the house we loved.  We ended up having to compete with another couple who offered to pay above the asking price.  Boo!  Then, we found another townhome in the same subdivision that was for sale.  Our amazing realtor called to see if they'd be interested in renting at all.  They told us to go ahead and look and they'd talk about it if we were interested.  Once we saw it, we knew we wanted it... and then they changed their minds.  Ugh!  We looked at a few more places today.  We found one we like, but it's not in an ideal location for us.  It seems, though, that there's always something wrong.  And everything else about this place is great so we're putting in our application.  Don't let me get my hopes up!


  1. we need a home so we can be roomies ! hey i found a box !! but they only have showings between 7 and 7:06pm !!

  2. That's the perfect amount of time to get ice cream. Wait... please tell me there is ice cream close by! lol

  3. of course its right outside a dairy queen, you know its my number one requirement lol

  4. I'm sorry, guys. There's a bigger plan out there, I just know it!!