May 23, 2011

An Engineer, I Am Not

I wanted to buy a new dresser for my bedroom to hold some of the clothes that were packed like sardines in my closet.  Remember when I said I donated multiple bags of clothes in preparation for my move?  Yeah, I can't even imagine what my closet would look like had I not done that.  I swear my clothes are repopulating as I sleep!

Anyway, not only did I need a place to store my ever-growing workout collection, but I also needed a piece that would serve as a TV stand.  I searched high and low and always ended up disappointed because the dressers I liked were far too expensive, and the ones in my price range had terrible reviews. 

And then I remembered IKEA.  I did a lot of shopping there back in my North Park days (the Swedish connection seemed fitting), but I promised myself I would never shop there once I became a real adult. 
I lied.

I know that the quality isn't the best, but the price... was right. 

I ended up going with a 3-drawer dresser pictured to the right.  It's tall enough to hold my TV for optimal viewing from my bed and provided plenty of drawer space for my clothes. 

The problem, though, with any IKEA furniture is that you have to assemble it yourself.  This was a task I did not fully consider before my purchase.  When I picked it up on Friday morning, I was certain I could have it put together in no time, and that my room would be presentation-ready for our big housewarming party Saturday night. 

Little did I know, IKEA directions aren't all that helpful for those without advanced engineering degrees.  My friend Rachel came over to help me assemble the piece, and I was quickly frustrated at the number of times I had to undo and redo steps that I realized were wrong... well after the fact.  We finally gave up for the day when we realized I didn't have a hammer, a necessary tool for the remaining steps.

On Saturday morning, my mom came over to help.  Once again, we realized too late that I assembled the drawers wrong, making it nearly impossible to screw on the tracks.  I called my friend Carolyn to come over with an electric screw driver to help create new holes... because it was impossible to redo my work at that point.

Two trips to the hardware store later (for self-drilling screws), I had a dresser that looked great.  But the drawers don't open exactly as they should... because the screws get in the way of the tracks.

In hindsight, I can laugh about my misfortune.  I'm sure it would have been hilarious to witness had it not been happening to me.  I guess I'm just not cut out for home-improvement activities... at least not when it comes to engineering. I have some painting and staining planned for the summer, and I'm hoping those jobs are easier for me. 

Lesson learned: spend the extra money on furniture that is pre-assembled.  (But just in case I don't, I am now prepared with my own set of tools thanks to Elaine and Josh... you guys rock!!!)


  1. I am HORRIBLE with ikea purchases. Chrissie actually has my old ikea furniture down at school and my parents FINALLY put it together the right way using the giant bag of leftover screws and bolts I had. Never again will I attempt ikea on my own.