May 12, 2011

Things on My Mind

1. I should be working right now, but my job was canceled this morning when the teacher realized she asked for a sub for the wrong date.  This is kinda annoying because I could be earning money... just sayin'.

2. The good thing about staying home is that we finally got our dryer today.  Our delivery was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but our landlord ordered an electric dryer by mistake.  Getting them rescheduled has been a pain in the you-know-what, and I am relieved to have this task done.  Also, it will be nice to be able to do our laundry.  Oh yeah... after I get laundry soap!

3. After much research, I think I found a vacuum and plan to get it today.  Our floors need a good cleaning, and I just can't wait anymore.  Because I can't stomach spending any more money right now, I'm using a gift card (hooray for credit card points) and therefore limited to purchasing vacuums that are available at Best Buy.  I've never purchased a vacuum before... it better work!

4. I now live down the street from a friend from grad school.  I have to say, it's kinda fun to have a neighbor friend.  She recently had a baby, so we can go walking together on days I'm home.  Great perk of the new neighborhood!

5. We need to buy a lawn mower of some sort.  For a piece of lawn about the size of my parents' bathroom.  No joke.  We could probably do it with scissors!  It would be easier to find some neighbor kid whose parents have a mower to come do it.. but that requires talking to the neighbors.  Would a reel mower work?  I read online that they are a pain to use, but I keep thinking they can't be that bad for such a small space.  Also, they are far less expensive... and I like that.

6. I think it's ironic that I can't get a job as an educator because I have too much education.  Anyone else think that's just silly? 

7. Tom and I want to have a housewarming party next weekend, but neither of us have any idea what you're supposed to do at such a party.  Suggestions???

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