June 21, 2011

Old Friends

Back in high school, I was pretty much attached at the hip to my three best friends: Ashley, Sarah and Tracy.  Not only did we hang out in school, but we were also cheerleaders together.  We were involved in the same church youth group and Campus Life group.  We worked at an after-school program together.  We vacationed to Florida together for spring breaks.  We camped in Wisconsin and Michigan together.  We even went to Mexico together on a mission's trip.  And, of course, we spent every possible minute of our free time together. 

These were my girls.  It's no surprise that the majority of my memories from those years were spent with them, and I couldn't imagine my life without them by my side.

And then life happens.  We all went to different colleges all over the state and made new friends.  New relationships, jobs, and life experiences took us in separate directions and locations.  Things changed.  Ashley is still one of my closest friends probably because we were most similar in lifestyle after college, but in time, I saw Sarah and Tracy less and less.

I honestly didn't realize how much I even missed our little foursome until I saw Sarah a couple weekends ago at her baby shower.  The two of us had so much fun catching up that we got together again this morning for coffee while she was still in town from Father's Day.  It was so fun to reminisce about all the fun times we had and catch up on gossip.  We're already planning my trip to Galena (maybe with Ashley) to visit her in a couple weeks. 

I love the friends that you can go years without seeing and then pick up right where you left off like nothing changed.  It's so fun to be reconnected with people who were so meaningful for so many years.  I hope we can get our whole group together for dinner one of these days - imagine how much fun that would be!


  1. don't you just love when that happens? It seems like most of my friends are married, live halfway across the country, or just have gone different directions - but when we do see eachother, that just gives us more to catch up on I suppose =)

  2. I love it! I still have my same 3 best friends since hs too. While I enjoy spending time with people I have met since then it is nice to hang out with girls who just know why you are a certain way with out having to do any explaining.

  3. I couldn't agree more. I love having friends that have seen me through my highs and lows and who really "get me" - probably because they've had such a huge impact on who I've become!