June 22, 2011

The Beautiful People

I came across a few articles this week about tens of thousands of people being kicked off a dating website for not being physically attractive enough.  Frankly, I'm still trying to decide how I feel about the existence of such a site. 

For those that don't know, the site is beautifulpeople.com.  Basically, it touts itself as an online club for the aesthetically elite.  Basically, it's the perfect dating site for anyone looking for a trophy wife (or husband) - as long as you're considered to be eye candy yourself.     

Because it's the members themselves who hold the entrance key into this club.  Applicants can submit their profiles (for a fee), and then current members have to vote on their level of attractiveness for two days before the site can officially confirm or deny their membership. 

And as the advertisement shows, these are clearly the most beautiful people in the world, right?  I mean, they're posing with a ferocious lion, so that pretty much screams, "Sexy!"  What single person wouldn't want to be a part of this site?!

Except for maybe those of us that think people have more to offer than their physical appearance .  Of course there needs to be a certain level of physical attraction in a relationship, but do I care if the person I date has gained the approval of a specified percentage of my peers?  Not at all.  

I thought about being offended that this site even exists.  I mean, who would join this site anyway??  But then I considered the real possibility that this site keeps (at least a percentage of) the extremely shallow people out of the normal dating pool... which is really a win-win situation, in my humble opinion.     

If any of my (more confident and thicker skinned) friends dare apply to this site and get accepted, I demand that I be allowed to see these so-called beautiful people for myself!!

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  1. Whatttt is this?!!?!? OMG I cannot believe something like this even exists! But whatev, just like you said it keeps shallow people out of the regular dating scene lol!