June 26, 2011

Sorting Between Plants and Weeds

One thing I'm not crazy about in our new home is that we have to do all the yard work ourselves.  I thought one of the perks of renting was that we wouldn't have to do this stuff, but as it turns out, we do. 

We've already established that I'm not an engineer, and I have quickly learned that I am also not a gardener.  The other day, I was in the front yard trimming the hedges with the new clippers I borrowed from my parents when my neighbor walked by and said, "Here, honey, let me show you how to do that!"  She then proceeded to show me the proper way to "round it out," which is exactly what I thought  I was doing before she intervened. 

Armed with my new gardening gloves from my mama, today was attempt number two at weeding my garden.  The name of this game was, Are You a Plant or Weed? because truthfully, I couldn't tell the difference much of the time.  Some were easy to spot, both others I wasn't so sure about so I left them until someone wiser can tell me what do with them. 

Then I thought about how this is kinda like a metaphor for life.  Sometimes, it's hard to tell if a person is a weed because there are some tricky little bastards out there trying to deceive us, trying to invade our space.  And the problem with weeds, I've learned, is that you always have to be on guard because they have magical abilities to repopulate much faster than the plants in life, and then pretty soon, they've hidden the beautiful plants in your garden. 

Learn to spot the weeds, my friends, and be sure to get their roots!


  1. Best metaphor ever and so very true Erin! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have zero ability and patience for gardening. Cant.Do.It but I always appreciate other's hard work lol

  3. Girl, I don't have the abiltiy either. I'm just tryin' not to be THAT house! I've gotta attempt to keep it presentable!