July 20, 2011

Fit or Fat?

I read a post called, "What Fit Actually Looks Like" at the Curvy Girl Guide yesterday that had me nodding along in agreement the entire time.  It was written by Kristen Howerton of Rage Against the Minivan (one of my favorite blogs), and I have to give her credit because her words really resonated with me.

The post was about how people make assumptions about fitness and size. Society has taught us that thin = fit and fat = lazy, but it's just not true.  She started the post talking about a friend of hers who was lamenting about when men on dating websites say they're looking for a fit woman, it's no secret that they really mean they're looking for a thin girl. This truth is frustrating for her because as someone who is very physically active, she is, indeed, fit but knows others would find it would be misleading to describe herself that way.

With all the Zumba I do, I know there are tons of skinny people I could literally run circles around. But that doesn't change how society views me. I try not to let that bother me, but I have to admit it makes me self-conscious when I tell someone how much I exercise and I can almost hear them thinking, "Yeah, right!" 

And it's not just an issue in the dating world. Do you have any idea how hard it is for plus sized women to find workout clothes? The entire industry basically gives them little option but to wear sweats and oversized t-shirts to the gym, which only makes them look bigger than they actually are! It's hard enough as a bigger girl to gain the motivation to even go to the gym and workout among the barbie dolls that live there, but to have to do so when dressed like a slob makes it even worse. Even, though, the biggest names in athletics have bought into this notion that fat people don't workout, and their plus size options, if they exist at all, are extremely limited.  It makes me want to scream!     

At the end of Kristen's post, she added this picture to show/remind us that even Olympic athletes come in all different shapes and sizes.  Thanks, Kristen, for your awesome post!  


  1. so, i had bronchitis and finally went to the emergency room to get nebulized. the doc asked what was wrong, so i was like i can't walk to my 3rd flood apartment without feeling like dying. so what does she say, "well, that's becasue you're overweight, not because you're sick". i just ran a 10K in the caribbean heat in May and work out everyday, jackass. i was so mad. but it's true. i told her fat doesn't mean dead, it just means i love food

  2. Yes, even medical professionals are guilty of this! I can't believe she tried to dismiss your bronchitis!!!

  3. I totally agree with this Erin!! There's a HUGE difference between fit and fat. Also...the work out clothes sizes are MESSED UP! I wear 2 sizes LARGER in workout clothes than I do in my regular clothes because they are soo small and sooo tight!! It's a societal problem!!

  4. I definitely agree about the sizing being a mess! Why would they want people to feel bigger when they put on workout clothes? That's not motivation!!!