July 1, 2011

The Fun Continues

A few weeks ago, Tom and I were talking about all of our Zumba friends who don't work on Fridays in the summer (mostly teachers).  Then, he had the brilliant idea those girls come over every Thursday to hang out and make our working friends jealous (okay... so that last part wasn't really in the plan, but it happens).  Since then, Thursdays have become my new favorite night of the week!

The husbands were feeling a little left out of the fun, so they decided to join us last night despite the fact that they had to work today.  The more the merrier, I say!  We had a delicious dinner at a dinner nearby called Grandma's Table, which we plan to visit again soon, and then everyone came back to our house to hang out.

Apparently, our competitive game of Trivial Pursuit, Pop Culture Edition (where we made Tom play without a team because he's really good at trivia games) was a little too loud for our neighbors.  We didn't know this, however, until our guests were harassed as they walked to their cars at the end of the evening.  The two twenty-something boys that live with their mother in the house across the street (which we have dubbed the Blue Light Special due to it's annoying blue exterior lights) were sitting on the porch and yelled to our friends, "Thanks for being so loud!  Thanks for waking up our mom!" as they were leaving. 

I guess they were really upset about this situation because they also decided they were justified in egging our house to teach us a lesson.  Yes, egging it.  Who does that?

All day today I've contemplated whether to file a police report or go knock on their door with a batch of cookies and apologize for our noise (and hopefully making them feel guilty for not knocking on our door).  So far, I have done neither.

And then while I was scrubbing the dried egg yolk from the walls, door, and windows this afternoon, I managed to lock myself out of the house... without any shoes.  Thank God I had my phone with me and that Tom came home to let me in.  Thanks again, Roomie!

I guess our neighbors like to keep it classy here in Pleasantville (which is what we call our subdivision because it looks like you've stepped right onto the movie set)!

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