August 15, 2011

5 Habits that Make You Fat

Today, many of my teacher friends officially went back to work after what has been the most amazing summer.  I'm sad, not only because summer, as I know it, is ending, but also because this means that I am, once again, without my own full-time teaching position for this school year.

So, instead of sitting in meetings or preparing my classroom today, I am desperately applying to jobs with the last bit of hope in me. And watching E! News because... well, because I have nothing better to do.

There was a quick segment that caught my attention about 5 Bad Habits that are Making You Fat with Clint Carter, Associate Editor of Men's Health Magazine. Here are the five habits he discusses, because it's always good to remind ourselves of the ways we sabotage our weight loss goals:

1. Eating low fat foods.  Sounds counter-intuitive, right? But those highly-processed foods usually add more sugar and carbs in place of that fat, so you're really not doing yourself any favors there. Apparently, these foods make you hungry faster too, so you just eat more later. Lame.

2. Diet soft drinks. Apparently, drinking just two per day see their waistlines increase five times faster.

3. Breadsticks.  I know... everyone loves their breadsticks. It's the main reason we love The Olive Garden so much. But they're making us fatter, ya'll! On average, each of those sucker contains about 150 calories, so if you have just two (and let's face it... we always want more), that's 300+ calories before your meal even arrives. He didn't say so, but I know this same thing applies to the chips and salsa that call my name at Mexican restaurants as well.

4. Too little or too much sleep. Six to eight hours is your goal, people. Any more or less, and you're likely to gain at least twice as much belly fat.

5. Skipping meals. We usually make up for our missed meals the next time we eat, plus more.

You're welcome. Now, go eat a cupcake cuz I don't see that anywhere on his list!  :)


  1. I try to explain to my clients allll the time about diet soda and its negative impact on weight. People just assume it is ok because it has zezo calories. As an ex diet coke addict I will say I didn't lose weight when I quit it but lost all the bloating that went alongside it. I also haven't had a cavity since!

  2. i came here expecting an update, i think we'll fix this in editing mmhmm