August 29, 2011

My Arms Feel Like Jello

Tom and I don't check our mail very often. We have a mail room across the street where all the neighbors on our side of the subdivision have to get their mail. It reminds me of college except that I never get any fun packages from my mom or grandma, and instead I find way too many bills.

Today, I was reminded why I don't like to check the mail when we received three violation notices from our HOA.
  1. We are missing a light fixture. It broke during one of the storms. Or perhaps by one of our unruly neighbors. Either way, it's broken, and I don't know where we get another one - they all match around here cuz that's what we do in Pleasantville, I guess. My neighbor suggested Menards, so it looks like we have some shopping to do before our deadline.
  2. The light bulb by our garage has burnt out. In fact, it hasn't worked since we moved in. Oops.
  3. Our lawn and garden are "unsightly." This may be because we haven't tended to either since the last time I posted about them. Excuse us for living our lives!
So, like any responsible adult, I immediately set to the yard work. Unfortunately, I realized that we have neglected both for way too long, and this is now a huge project. Have I mentioned how much I loathe this task? 

After several hours of working, my arms feel like jello from holding the weed whacker in just the right position to mow our entire lawn. A lawn that I thought was tiny. It didn't feel so tiny today.

Thank you to my friendly neighbor who came over again and showed me which things in my garden were, in fact, weeds and needed to be filled. I swear some of those things looked like plants. She's so sweet to always come over when I'm working in the yard to say hello and give me her sage advice. She always, always offers to come help me, but I know she has better things to do then tend to my neglected yard work.

I filled two bags full of weeds and decided I had enough for the day. I was a hot mess... literally. I needed another shower. A cold one. And it felt great.

I don't even want to think about how many bags we have left to fill before our yard is once again presentable. 

At least I did something productive today, right?

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  1. HOA are so insane. My parents get letters all the time from them when they are packing up our boat. The boat is literally in our drive way for 5 hours and someone complains about it. (They aren't allowed to have boats on driveways). Who has time to report and look for these things?!?!!?