September 13, 2011

Back to Jewel(s)

Grocery shopping, I've decided, is a skill. Not everyone is good at it. I think I happen to be one of the unfortunate souls that was not blessed in this area.

It's kinda overwhelming, really. Even when I think I've done a really good job, I cringe as I watch the total on the register climb higher and higher. I strongly believe it's cheaper to eat out than to cook for one. Just sayin'. 

Just once, I'd like to go to Jewel (or The Jewels for my Chicago friends) and buy food because I used all mine up, not because I threw half of it away. Often times these are well-intended items: fruits and veggies I know I should be eating. Ones I even enjoy. But they still end up in the trash. 

Part of my problem is that I'm rarely home for a normal dinner time. I get off of work at 3:00, and then I leave for Zumba around 6:00 most days. In my experience, it's not a good idea to workout right after eating a meal. So during that window of time, I usually just have a snack to hold me over.  

When I get home from class, no earlier than 8:30, it feels too late to start cooking and eating a whole meal. Too often, the result of this is Grab n Go foods. Even when I have a full supply of meal options that would be amazing, I just don't have the desire to fire up the stove and start chopping veggies. Not to mention, I'm usually starving at this point so when Tom suggests pizza for the zillionth time, I don't argue, even though I know I should, because I just want to eat something. 

So week after week, I throw away unopened bags of spinach, cartons of mushrooms, and overripe green peppers. And then I complain that we have to go grocery shopping again because I have nothing to eat. I wonder why?!

I think a personal chef is the only real solution to this problem, but I don't think I can afford one on my substitute salary. So, unless there's a kind soul out there who's willing to be my personal chef for free, I'm on my own. Tom and I have vowed to make better food choices.

For starters, I am trying my best to keep the junk food out of the house so it's not even there to tempt us. I was much better at this when I lived with my parents. Now, because we do a lot of entertaining in our home (and because someone just celebrated a birthday), it seems there are always snacks and treats on hand. Today, though, I walked right past those delicious bakery cookies and grabbed another bag of baby carrots instead. 

I have a fully stocked fridge and freezer. I'm going to test myself to see if I can keep this food from spoiling!


  1. solution, prepare food in advance

  2. Gahhh think of all the money you are throwing away when you throw away produce. That usually inspires me to prep something! Or, like Tom said above pre-prep some things. I like to make things I can take out of the freezer and reheat. I also make meals where I ensure I will have leftovers.

  3. I know. Preparing in advance is the way to go. But I feel like I'd have to make all my food for the week on Sunday in order to have stuff for each night. And darnit, I have better things to do with my weekend!!! haha