September 8, 2011

Most Expensive Car Wash Ever

I didn't get called in to work today, so I thought I'd be productive and go get my car washed. Groupon had a deal for a $15 car wash, including cleaning my floor mats, which really needed it. I thought it was a good deal, so I took advantage.

As soon as I pulled in my garage, I grabbed for my phone and ipod touch, which I bring everywhere. No ipod in sight. I emptied my purse, checked my pockets.

"No need to panic," I told myself, "I just left the place ten minutes ago."

So, I came inside to look up the number. I explained the situation to the guy behind the desk, and he checked the chair cushions for me. And then he came back with bad news: minutes after I left two cars full of teenagers were there, sitting in the same spot.

And my ipod? Nowhere to be found.

My first panicked thought was that I don't have a password on it, so now some stupid teenagers have access to all my emails, facebook... everything. I changed all the passwords to everything I can remember that has a saved login on the device. All I can do is hope that's enough.

I'm pissed. Mostly at myself. But also at the person(s) who took my ipod. Because those teenagers would likely be students of the school district I worked in. So much for Character Counts education!

And I'm a little miffed at the lure of Groupon. This never would've happened if I could just learn to pass up a good deal! Oh, save $10? It wasn't worth it, in this case.

I use my ipod every single day. All day long. Not just for music, either. And now I'm faced with purchasing a new one... without a job to pay for it.

And after a little research, rumors are circulating that the 5th generation ipod touch is coming out in October. So do I wait for the new one, or go get one now??? 

Ugh! Enough with the bad luck already! I'm ready for something good to happen to me.

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