October 13, 2011

Miss Representation

As a female who majored in media communications and advertising, I find this fascinating. A friend posted a longer video about this documentary on Facebook, but I was only able to find the official trailer myself.

If you're a woman, if you care about women, and especially if you're raising young girls, I recommend you watch this video. It makes you think about the society in which we live and the messages we send and receive on a daily basis. I, for one, think it's time for change.


  1. Umm, wow! This is fascinating, invigorating, blood boiling and also, devastating regarding our society. THANK YOU for posting. I will CERTAINLY be sharing it with some thoughts at some point!

    Also, I would LOVE your two cents on what parents want teachers to know and what teachers want parents to know over on my blog or blog FB page if you've got some time! :)

  2. I'll never forget when I decided to go into nursing and my dad said to me (on a number of occasions), why don't you become a doctor. Bless his heart for believing in me.

    And I commend my aunt who overcame monumental sexist obstacles to become a doctor herself in the early 60s. She was the only female in her class and was expected by the other residents to do the grunt work. She said that at the very first meeting with her fellow residents somebody actually told her to get coffee for everyone. She told him to GTH. LOLOL I guess they knew where she stood at that point. AMEN SISTA