October 17, 2011

Way to Be the Bigger Person!

Dear Kelly Osbourne,

As someone who publicly struggled with your own weight issues, I am appalled to see that you are again in the media for attacking Christina Aguilera's weight.

The intention behind The Fashion Police (albeit disturbing) is to discuss fashion. It's one thing for you and Joan Rivers to critique the ensemble. Go ahead and say it didn't flatter her figure, or even better, critique the clothing itself. But you absolutely crossed the line when you called the singer fat.

As someone who understands, first-hand, how humiliating it is to have your weight scrutinized (much less in the media), you should be ashamed of yourself for doing so to another person. And the fact that you're trying to justify your mean-girl comments by implying that your comments are simply revenge for comments she said about you int he past is disgusting. Not that I condone the comments toward you either. I don't. But when I was a little girl, my mother taught me that two wrongs don't make a right. Have you never ever heard of turning the other cheek? Being the bigger person?

Contrary to how you may have felt in the moment, these types of catty comments don't make you look superior to her in any way; it, in fact, does the opposite.

I, for one, think Christina looks beautiful. And furthermore, I appreciate her for her amazing vocal abilities, which is what we're supposed to recognize her for since, you know, she's a singer and all.

If you have a personal problem with Christina, then you need to deal with that off-camera. Using your television show as a platform to belittle women in this way is unacceptable. This is the exact bullying behavior that teachers and parents are trying to teach their children to avoid. Thanks for being such a great role model for young women!

In the future, maybe you should use your celebrity to promote positive messages instead of tearing others down.

Christina Fan

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