November 16, 2011

Mission: Closet Organization

Today, I subbed for the Library Director at one of my schools. She asked for me, specifically, because I often stop in to help out during my down time other days. I love to sit at the circulation desk where I get to be in charge of checking in, checking out, and renewing books to students. It makes me feel powerful. And I like to use the scanner. And I never have to discipline students. Instead, I get to talk to them about what books they're reading and help them find the perfect selections. It's so fun!

And yes, I realize this makes me sound like a huge nerd.

So be it.

Or should I say, So B It? Ahhh, teacher humor!

Anyway, I was only scheduled for a half-day of work, so I had every intention of coming home and doing absolutely nothing productive. But then I was browing furniture on Bookoo, as I often do for fun (or self-torture depending on what I find), and I came across a listing for a seven-drawer storage cart for only $10.

I've mentioned before that I love to organize. It gives me a sense of calm in this chaotic world.

And as an organizer, I have admit that I get overly excited about these things. I have a few already, but I always imagine what I could do with just one more. Within minutes, the lister confirmed that the cart was mine and the planning stages began.

What should I put in it?

Where can I put it?

The one thing this house really, really lacks is storage. It's pretty much non-existent. Unless you count the tiny, under-the-stairs closet where I store my shoes, coats, purses, scrapbooking supplies, towels, scarves and other outdoor accessories, reusable bags, and my tool kit. (Yeah... you have to be a really good organizer to get all of that in there!)

My bedroom closet is the only other option, but that's been busting at the seams for months, being my only storage space and all.

But, I'm nothing if not determind, so I set forth in organizing my closet.

Note: I did not purge anything. Because I already got rid of tons of clothes earlier this year before I moved. This was a mission of re-organization, not downsizing. This has actually been a challenging task for me because I grew up in a home with closet organizers. If I wasn't a renting, I would put one of those babies in immediately.

But here's the end result. Not bad, huh?

Note: The Scholastic box is where I store all of my gift bags, tissue, and boxes. I'm a sucker for a cute gift bag and always keep some on hand to make my life easier. The clothes on top will be stored under my bed as soon as I get myself a proper container. The bags on the floor are both empty and can easily be combined to make more room when needed.

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  1. I think I'm drooling. I love organization and that photo is heaven. Having a husband and child is really doing a number on my ability to organize. I may have to resort to the preschool method and put pictures of items in the places where they belong so I spend less time pulling out my hair.