November 1, 2011

No Makeup November

I have more Halloween goodness to share, but before I do, I have something else on my mind...

Apparently, it's a thing for the menfolk to do No Shave November, or Movember, as they're calling it. The idea, I learned, is to get sponsors to back you on the no-razor thing for the entire month, and the proceeds benefit prostate cancer.

I'm not generally a fan of facial hair beyond the five o-clock shadow, but I'm down for a good cause.

Taking a cue from women across the globe, some students at my alma mater have banded together to make this month meaningful for the women as well. Today, they kicked of No Makeup November in an effort to remind women what we really look like under all those cosmetics: beautiful!

And it worked out well for me since I was lazy this morning (or last night, to be precise) and didn't have on any makeup when I read about this on the alumni page Facebook page.

I'm thinking about officially "joining the cause" so I have an excuse to do one less thing in my routine for the next 29 days.

Unless I have a hot date.

Or a job interview.

A girl has to have priorities, you know!


  1. I love this - though it would be unrealistic for me since I work in the corporate environment!

  2. I wore make up for pretty much the first time since my wedding this past weekend at my cousins wedding. (Every once in awhile I'll pull out mascara or some lip gloss but it's rare.) Anyhow I was just amazed at how good I felt wearing it that it made me almost think I SHOULD be wearing make up. This is a good reminder to look inward at our beauty. It's a really cool idea and I LOVE that it's stemming from NPU!

  3. The only makeup I wear is mascara. But when I don't wear it, I look really plain, so for the sake of self respect, I think I'm going to keep my mascara. :D