December 14, 2011

TLC vs. Lowe's

I read today on one of my favorite sites about a certain well-known hardware store pulling advertising for TLC's new show, All-American Muslim. I, for one, think it's disgusting that they're allowing themselves to be influenced by a bigoted group like the Florida Family Association (FFA). 

I've seen the show, and I was actually really impressed with TLC for adding it to their Sunday night line up. There are too many people in this country with false beliefs about Islam, I think education is the most important step toward tolerance. The families on this show are no different from anyone else. They coach high school football, struggle with fertility, deal with interfaith marriage, observe religious holidays, experience the trials and errors of parenting, and every other issue that every other American deals with on a daily basis. I'm not sure how, exactly, this show is at all offensive.

To the FFA, who feel the show is harmful to one's belief system because it doesn't represent the radical Islamic groups, I can only laugh at your ignorance. Should every reality show about Christian families also represent the the radical Christian groups as well? Surely, you'd be offended if someone told you that being a Christian meant that your beliefs must be in line with the KKK, but that's precisely what you're saying about the Muslim communities.

Take a few moments to watch Jon Stewart's take on this matter. I love him!

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