January 5, 2012

Life Lesson: Be Consistent

After a three week hiatus, two of which were not option (my gym cancelled all group fitness classes for the last two weeks of December) but the other totally was (I usually choose to skip class when there's a sub), I finally got back to Zumba last night.

And let me tell you... UGH!

All of us girls were laughing at ourselves and each other because we. were. dying. It's amazing how much three weeks off from a fitness routine can really impact you. I didn't realize how easy Zumba had become for me until last night, when I was dying... three songs into the set.

It's kinda like driving a car. If you're consistently driving at 60 mph on the expressway, you never feel the engine rev. But if you drop your speed (because... I dunno, you see a cop and have that moment of panic where you have a mild heart attack and hit the breaks, even when your speed is perfectly acceptable... anyone else with me on this?) and need to accelerate again, you can feel that engine cranking, working extra hard, to get you back to your normal speed.

That's how my body felt last night.

Thankfully, though, I had my best girls there to make it fun and help me persevere. I wouldn't have made it through the hour without them by my side.

Consider my lesson learned! There will be no more time away from the gym for this girl!

In fact, last night I learned about and downloaded a great fitness app called GymPact. You set a weekly fitness goal for yourself and the app pays you (yes, in real money) for completing your goal. All you have to do is check in at your gym, and it clocks the amount of time you spent there. If, however, you skip the gym and don't make your goal for the week, you have to pay up. I think it's a great motivator for the days when I'm feeling lazy.


  1. I need to check out GymPact. I have never heard of it. Money is so motivating!

  2. wait it pays you? i could check in at all the places i teach and make bank?? lol