January 30, 2012

My Students Make Me Feel Old

I have naturally curly... or kinky... or wavy... (it kinda depends which section you're looking at)... hair. Like most women in the world, I think the grass is much greener on the other side and want desperately for it to be straight. I've spent years becoming best friends with my straightening iron. I have to say, I've got it pretty much down to a science, and that's usually how you'll see me on night on the town... or pretty much any time I care about how I look.

For work, though, it's not always convenient to straighten my hair. Mostly because I do that whole shower-at-night deal, and my straightened hair always gets a stubborn, funky kink after sleeping on it. So, often, I scrunch in some mousse and try to embrace the curl.

Today, after our math quiz, some of my sixth graders were talking about hair, and one of them asked me if mine is naturally curly or straight. As soon as I confirmed the former, a couple of the girls began lamenting about how they wished their hair were curly too.

And this is when I made the fatal mistake of informing them that my hair was actually pretty straight as a kid. So straight, in fact, that when I was in sixth grade, I begged my mom to let me get a perm. I was insanely jealous of the large, bouncy (clearly, no one had introduced me to hot rollers yet) curls in Stacy's (Ferguson... as in Fergie) hair on Kids, Incorporated. I remember my mom forking over the $80 for my perm that fell out days later (something about hormones causing the solution not to work correctly). But, oh, were those a glorious few days.

To which my students responded, "What's a perm????"

Oh. My. God.

When did I get so old? I mean, weren't the 80's just a decade ago??

I've attached my sixth grade picture, taken about a week after my perm (which, you can see, was fading fast), for your viewing pleasure. I distinctly remember thinking this was one of my better yearbook photos. Not only did it show my "curly" ponytail, but check out those bangs (I guess frizz was stylish back then)! And I don't know if you can tell, but there were shoulder pads in that shirt. Oh yeah! This was pretty much the peak of my coolness in life.

And then I got old.



  1. I love this and can so relate! I begged and begged and begged for a perm and my mom always said no. My hair is half straight/half wavy and of course, I typically straighten it...it's always greener, right?