February 8, 2012

Classroom Celebrity

Every Tuesday (and many Thursdays), I work as a "floater" in one of my schools. My purpose is to cover for classroom teachers while they're in IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings. In this school, the special education, or SPED as its commonly called, students are all one one team per grade level. While this isn't the most inclusive method, it is often necessary because there are only so many teaching assistants (and funds) to go around.

The reason this is relevant to my job is because I spend a good amount of time working with these SPED teams. I sub for the same teachers often, which is nice for me because I have groups of students I know very well. It's nice to walk into a classroom, even if I will only be there for an hour, and know the names of my students. It's even better that they know me, that I'm my just another random sub. In fact, my presence in these classrooms is usually met with a lot of excitement. I often joke that I feel like a celebrity when I walk in the room and they all shout my name like I'm walking the red carpet!!

Yesterday morning, I was working with the sixth grade team. This teacher's third period class always complains that I never sub for them (because the meetings are usually finishes before they start), but on this day, I was scheduled to spend the entire morning in the classroom. Their excitement was overwhelming.

About five minutes into class, though, the classroom teacher returned early from her meeting. She walked in with a big smile on her face, ready to greet her students. What she received, though, was a chorus of boos from a very disappointed class. We looked at each other completely speechless.

"Okay, I'll go grade papers, and you can stay with them," she laughed.

The classroom erupted in applause, and the classroom teacher laughed her way right out the door so we could continue our lesson.

I have to say... It's good to be a celebrity! :)

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